Tips for maintaining a glass balustrade

Glass balustrades have become increasingly popular on residential and commercial properties. The installations create elegance and an open space look for any setting. Unlike other materials, a glass balustrade requires low maintenance to keep it looking fresh and sparkling. The more streak-free the glass, the more attractive it looks, and that has a positive impact on the overall appearance of the property. Below are a few maintenance tips for glass balustrade.

Cleaning the Glass

It is the most frequent maintenance task that removes dirt, dust and salty sea air, which can make the glass appear murky. Strong and alcohol-based cleaning solutions corrode the glass as they are acidic in nature, thus the need to use mild or eco-friendly solutions. Use a mild detergent on a soft cloth and rinse it off with clean water. Other useful tips include:

• Commercial glass cleaners leave thin residues on the glass surface
• Regular diluted liquid soap and warm water clean the surface better than other solutions
• You can air dry the surface or use a dry soft cloth 

Check the balustrade for damage

A tempered glass balustrade is designed to be hardy, so it is not prone to getting shattered. However sharp and heavy objects often cause cracks. For example, if you are carrying furniture or other objects close to the glass, it is important to cover the panels using a cloth or a bubble wrap to reduce the chances of damaging it. 

Install an extra layer of protection

Experts recommend the adding of a layer of protection to the surface like glass wax. Once applied on a clean glass surface, it minimises the routine cleaning requirements. You may also install a protective coating that protects the glass from damage and rids of the need for regular cleaning. It also means choosing the right fittings and finish for the space that the balustrade will occupy. For example, using a light, aluminium rail over a wooden one or installing a thicker frosted glass panel instead of a plain balustrade.